Rugby League's Heroes of Yesterday

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Rugby League's Heroes of Yesterday

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Rugby League's Heroes Of Yesterday


Here is a peek inside Rugby League’s Heroes of Yesterday:

• Paul Morris talks exclusively about the shooting in Rio.

• Terry Lamb tells us what really happened to Ellery Hanley.

How did Peter Johnston get over to the NFL?

• Ted Goodwin opens up about the viciousness that transpired

during the 1977 Grand Final replay.

Visiting sick kids in hospital as a release from the pressures of

performance led to Robbie O’Davis becoming a Ronald

McDonald House Patron.

After growing up in a mission for indigenous families, Percy

Knight went on to be awarded the first-ever Dally M Medal.

• Mick Delroy tells how he was knocked out cold in the 1986

Grand Final.

• Tony Cosatto relives the shocking time Cameron Blair came to

his aid after he was severely knocked out in a match against Wests,

and reveals how that dramatic live footage affected his family.

What’s-a-packeta-Sigsworth? Phil Sigsworth talks about where

his nickname originated.

• Paul Davis explains how the Newcastle Knights are to blame for

his nephew, Greg Inglis, playing as a Queenslander.

All of this and so many more gems are packed into this book.